How Does Sewer Drain Pipe Lining Repair Work in West Palm Beach, FL? Line Inspection, Measurements & More

When your home’s sewer system develops a crack or a leak, most repairs will require digging a long trench in the yard to locate and repair the sewer line. Digging a trench and fixing a sewer line can be very costly, invasive and messy. However, you don’t need to seek out these traditional methods. There is another way to repair a broken sewer line. Equal Rooter Pipe Lining would like to share what sewer pipe lining is and how sewer pipe lining works.

What Does Sewer Pipe Lining Mean?

Sewer pipe lining, or also often referred to as trenchless pipe lining, is a non-invasive process that repairs cracked, leaking, backed up, and damaged sewer lines. A trenchless process doesn’t require any digging or excavation. Trenchless pipe lining is beneficial because there is little to no damage to sidewalks, the yard, or having to dig up any plants or trees. Sewer pipe lining uses a tube and an epoxy or resin to repair the sewer pipe. Before repairing the sewer line, the sewer is inspected with a video camera. Once located, the faulty line is cleaned out before it is repaired. Repairs can last for decades and even extend the life of the sewer line.

How are Pipes Relined & How Does Sewer Pipe Lining Work?

To better understand what sewer pipe lining is as well as its process, it helps to break down the steps. Please note that Equal Rooter Pipe Lining offers three methods; Inversion Using a 3 Part Resin, Spin Coating Using a 3 Part Epoxy or a Pull in Place UV Fiberglass with Pre-Wet Resin. Below is the general process of sewer pipe lining repair which can repair clay, cast iron, plastic and PVC pipes to help you know what to expect.
• Step 1. The first step is inspecting the sewer pipe line. The sewer is inspected, often using a camera that is fed through the pipe to determine where the pipe is damaged.
• Step 2. Once the location of the damage has been located, the pipe may need to be cleaned out to clear any debris and possible blockages.
• Step 3. The sewer pipe line will need to be measured to make sure the right size equipment is used for a successful repair.
• Step 4. A replacement tube is then prepared. The replacement is a tube made of either fiberglass, resin, or epoxy material.
• Step 5. The tube is then saturated or impregnated with resin or epoxy which will be inserted to apply the material to the side of the sewer line repairing the crack or damage to the pipe.
• Step 6. The tube will be inserted into the sewer line until it reaches the site of the damage and then all moisture is drawn out so it will seal in place.
• Step 7. Once the epoxy or resin material finishes curing, the sewer line is ready for use.

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Depending on the sewer line, in some cases a small hole will need to be dug up to access the sewer line and repair. However, these access points are much less invasive and easier to repair than the trenches that must be dug with traditional methods. If you have any question about or need sewer pipe lining repair or replacement, contact Equal Rooter Pipe Lining.

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