How Do You Detect Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line in Boca Raton, FL? Camera Scope Inspection of Sewer Pipe

A sewer line can develop a number of different problems. Some issues can come on quickly, while other complications develop slowly over time. One of those problems that can creep in slowly over time, is tree roots. A tree’s root system can wrap around and break the sewer line. In some cases, the tree’s roots will even grow into the sewer pipe directly. It is important to know when tree roots affect your sewer line so you can correct the problem before it leads to the sewer system backing up into your home. Equal Rooter Pipe Lining will share some of the common signs you have tree roots affecting your sewer lines.

Sinkholes & Wet Soil in Yard

As the sewer pipe is a few feet underground, it can be hard to visually see any clues that tree roots are affecting your sewer line. However, two visual signs to look for are sink holes and or wet soil. When a sewer line breaks due to a tree’s roots, often the sewer water will leak out which will cause the ground to become very wet and even cause sink holes. If you see a sink hole or have soft or wet spots in the yard, you most likely have a broken sewer line or pipe.

Slow Draining Sink & Gurgling Toilet

Do your toilets make a gurgling noise when you flush them? Or do your sinks or tubs drain very slowly? These are classic signs you have an obstruction in your drainage or sewer line. Tree roots can grow deep into the sewer pipe line and cause the obstruction. When your sewer line has tree roots causing an obstruction, the sewer or waste water will back up into your home. Waste water isn’t just dirty, but it is also hazardous making the home a dangerous environment. Along with slow drainage or gurgling noises, you may also detect bad smells and odors.

Fast Tree & Plant Growth

If you notice a sudden boost in tree growth or other foliage growth, this is a clear sign that your sewer line has broken. Not only do plants and trees love the water that is flowing through the sewer line, but all of the other waste as well. Small food particles and human waste make an excellent fertilizer which aids the tree and other plant growth. If your trees and other plants have a sudden growth spurt, you most likely have tree roots feeding on your sewer line.

Camera Inspection and Repair

All of the above problems are common or classic signs that you have tree roots affecting your sewer line. To determine where or if you have tree roots in your sewer line, a plumbing service can come out to perform a camera scope inspection where a camera is fed through the sewer system. Once the tree roots have been located, the sewer line can be repaired.

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Equal Rooter Pipe Lining can repair your sewer line without the need for major excavation. We can repair the sewer line without the need of digging in your yard, removing trees or other landscaping. If you need your sewer line inspected and repaired, contact Equal Rooter Pipe Lining today.

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