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How Does Sewer Pipe Relining Work in Pompano Beach, FL? How Long Does a Sewer Sleeve Last & More?

In the last few decades, sewer pipes have evolved. Clay pipes were used when piping was first installed up until 1980. Being environmentally friendly and stable, clay is economical as well. The lifespan of clay pipes typically last between 50-60 years. Polyvinyl chloride pipes were used, otherwise called PVC pipes after the year 1980, and…

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Why You Should Avoid DIY Sewer Plumbing Repairs in Hialeah, FL; Cracked Sewer Pipes Can Make You Sick & More

Your home can be negatively impacted when you have problems with your sewer system. Where many homeowners are either looking to save a few bucks or are naturally handy and enjoy working on projects around the house, when the sewer lines need repair, DIY methods should be avoided. You are better off with leaving this…

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL; How Sewers & Pipe Relining Works & More

Having sewer problems is nothing any homeowner wants to experience. A damaged sewer pipe requires immediate attention since it often involves broken or clogged pipes that can lead to backups, floods, and other costly consequences. With less mess and faster service, trenchless sewer replacement is what you want to consider. Today, we at Equal Rooter…

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