How Do You Protect Sewer Pipes from Tree Roots in Palm Beach Gardens, FL? Trenchless Pipe Lining

Dealing with a sewer line problem is no fun. It can bring many of the daily operations of your home to a screaming halt. There are several reasons why you might experience a sewer line issue. One of them might be tree root intrusion. If this is the problem you have on your hands, a fantastic solution is sewer pipe lining. Equal Rooter Pipe Lining is here to talk about why this might be the ideal solution to your tree root intrusion problem.

How Pipe Lining Fixes Tree Root Intrusion

If you have several trees on your property, it isn’t uncommon for the roots of those trees to follow and grow along your sewer line. They can get the water and nutrients they need to thrive. However, it is also not uncommon for these roots to start to infiltrate and actually start to grow inside your sewer line as well. When this happens, it is a big problem. While this might seem like an enormous problem, there is a solution, pipe lining. This process is done by inserting a flexible liner into the damaged pipe to create a new, seamless pipe inside the old one. This liner is usually made of resin-saturated felt or fiberglass material that can withstand the pressure that tree roots place on it.

What the Pipe Lining Process Looks Like

When tree root intrusion is suspected, the first step in fixing it is with a visual inspection. This is done with a camera that can be inserted into the pipe to see what is going on. Once this is done, the debris inside the pipe will need to be removed with the help of high pressured water known as hydro-jetting. After the pipe is cleaned out, the new pipe will be inserted and positioned. Once in the right spot, it is cured using hot water. Now, trees will not be able to infiltrate the pipe any longer and it will be protected against other issues that might arise down the road. The new pipe lining will improve the structural integrity of the pipe. You will also notice that the water flow within the pipe will be much improved as well.

Benefits of Pipe Lining Rather than Pipe Replacement

Some people might be wondering why pipe lining is better than pipe replacement. This is because it can actually add structural integrity to a pipe that you won’t get when you replace the pipe. You will also get to avoid digging up your property for a pipe replacement when you choose to go with a pipe lining service.

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If you have a sewer line issue, you can turn to Equal Rooter Pipe Lining to help get your sewer line back up and working again. We know how awful it can be to deal with sewer line issues. This is why we work quickly to get yours repaired without digging up your property to do it. Call us today!

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