Step By Step Process of Sewer Pipe Lining

img left alignYou may be wondering what to expect when you call on Equal Rooter Pipe Lining to complete your pipe lining repair. This extremely valuable service most often targets the repair or replacement of aging clay piping, cast iron, concrete, plastic and PVC pipes. The trenchless pipe lining process generally involves the following steps:
– Sewer Camera Inspection to confirm the position of cracks and areas of compromised pipes.
– Cleaning Existing Pipes (if required) to remove debris and other blockages.
– Measurement of Existing Pipes.
– Preparation of Tube Replacement. The replacement pipe tubing will typically be a felt tube made of fiberglass, polyester or similar materials.
– Inserting Tubing Throughout Compromised Pipes. Equal Rooter Pipe Lining offers three methods; Inversion Using a 3 Part Resin, Spin Coating Using a 3 Part Epoxy or a Pull in Place UV Fiberglass with Pre-Wet Resin.
– Curing of Tubing to create the new seal. All moisture is drawn out so the pipes can solidify in place.
– Sewer Flow is Returned to New Pipes. Service to pipes can be restored once the curing process is complete.

How Do You Know if Your Sewer Line is Cracked or Leaking & Needs Repair?

Are you trying to determine if you need sewer pipe lining? Following are five tell-tale signs that it is time!
Toilet Not Flushing Properly – Are your commodes not flushing well or flushing but making loud rumbling noises? This is an obvious sign that your sewer line is distressed. Whether it be a clog, cracked line, or decaying sewer pipe; you need professional assistance quickly.
Sewage Smell in House – If you’re getting a whiff of foul odors of sewer gas or sewage, your sewer line has a backup somewhere.
Sink Holes in Yard – Sinkholes in your landscape are a sign of a very large plumbing problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Sinkholes only get worse and can cause harm to people or your property without notice.
Slow Draining Bathtub, Shower & Sink Drains – Are the drains in your bathtub, shower, and sinks draining slower than they previously used to? This could be a result of sewer drain failures.
Pest Infestations – Rodents such as mice and rats as well as other pests like insects can squeeze into your home or business via even a minute crack in your sewer pipes. If you are seeing evidence of a pest infestation despite following good pest prevention practices, this points to your sewer point as a mode of pest entry into your building.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Services

If you are experiencing any of the above signs of sewer line problems in your home or business, call Equal Rooter Pipe Lining right away to utilize our effective and efficient sewer pipe lining services to restore your sewer pipes. You’ll save time, money, and minimize disruptions to your day. Plus, with repairs lasting 50 years, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to replace them ever again!

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