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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Line Repair in Greater Lake Worth, FL

owner for homepageWelcome to Equal Rooter Pipe Lining where we specialize in sewer pipe lining to repair and replace cracked, leaking, backed up and damaged sewer lines for much less cost, time, intrusion and inconvenience than traditional methods. Sewer pipe lining is especially effective for older properties with dated pipe systems. In fact, it can help older pipes last another 50 years!

Equal Rooter Pipe Lining is one of only a few companies offering trenchless sewer pipe repair. We have proprietary tools and are considered a leader in our field. Our “no dig” trenchless methods avoid yard excavation, sidewalk destruction and the need to dig up trees. Rather, we insert a new resin or epoxy saturated fiberglass or polyester pipe tubing into the existing damaged pipes, inflate the flexible tubing and cure it into place, using one of three methods we offer to best suit the project conditions. The resin or epoxy then hardens, creating a pipe within a pipe that is jointless. Our sewer pipe lining service replaces the broken piping and results in a new seal lining of the walls of the existing pipes and has the potential to last for decades. Call us to discuss your sewer repair today!

Benefits of Sewer Pipe Lining

img right alignSome of the most popular reasons local homeowners and business owners / managers turn to Equal Rooter Pipe Lining for our trenchless sewer pipe lining services include:
– No digging or excavation of property, saving trees, sidewalks and landscape
– Avoids need for repaving after replacement is completed
– Risk of damage to underground utilities can be spared
– No need for plumbing permits
– Targets root intrusion and helps reduce erosion of pipes
– Quicker sewer line repair
– No need to stop traffic during work
– Sturdier than old clay or cast iron pipes
– Less noisy sewer line repairs
– Flow of pipes can improve
– Money savings can be significant compared to traditional methods

How Serious is a Cracked or Damaged Sewer Pipe?

img left alignIf you have cracked, corroding, leaking, backed up, rusting and/or damaged clay, cast iron or other antiquated sewer pipes at your home or office, you need to call Equal Rooter Pipe Lining to get this fixed right away! Pipes that are corroding or leaking can cause serious problems! Those aged pipes can become a source of terribly unpleasant sewer odors, leak into the groundwater and cause contamination, and also cause slow wastewater drainage. Before the arrival of sewer pipe lining technology, the only choice was messy and invasive trenching to completely change out those rusted, aged pipes. Thankfully, pipe lining is a perfect solution in most situations. It’s a less-messy and invasive, more budget-friendly and convenient option to resolve the problems with your old pipes. If you suspect issues with your sewer pipes, call us to schedule a consultation and inspection today!

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