What Causes a Sewer Line to Dip & Belly? How Do You Fix a Sagging Sewer Pipe Line in Coral Springs, FL?

If your sewer lines have begun to back up, you have probably had your sewer line inspected in the hope you can have timely repairs. If the sewer line inspection revealed that your sewer line has developed a sag, you know this acts much like a blockage. The water cannot escape and often becomes plugged due to the sag. The sewer line can be blown out and cleared but that doesn’t get rid of the sag. The sagging pipe will need to be repaired. Equal Rooter Pipe Lining will share how a sagging sewer line is repaired.

How Serious is a Sewer Line Belly?

Before we get into how a saggy sewer line is repaired, it helps to understand some of the basics of a sewer line design. A sewer pipe line system is fairly simple. The pipe comes from out of the house or commercial building, which then leads to the sewer system. The pipe lays on a slight downward slope using gravity to bring all of the water waste down and into the sewer system. When a clog occurs it can be due to a number of different reasons. It may be due to grease build up, tree roots, or the pipe has sagged. A sag in a sewer pipe is referred to as a belly, which caused a negative slope to develop. It turn, the waste water pooled and did not follow down into the sewer system. Sags can be easily located with the use of a sewer camera inspection.

How to Fix a Bellied Pipe Line

When a sag develops in the sewer pipe, the pipe will need to be repaired to ensure a proper drainage flow. There are two major repair methods for a sagging sewer pipe such as:
Dig and Replace Method: Probably one of the older and more original methods of repairing a sewer pipe is when you dig the pipe up and cut out the sagging section of pipe and insert a replacement piece. Depending on the depth and length of the pipe that is sagging, the cost will vary. Digging out the pipe will mean you will have a hole in your yard, which will then be filled in. But plants and grass will need to be regrown.
Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Method: A trenchless sewer pipe lining is a more modern method that is replacing the dig and replace method. As the name suggests, you do not need to dig a big trench in your yard to repair the sag. A small access might be needed, depending on your sewer system design, which may mean that you do not need to dig at all. The sewer line is accessed and cleaned out. A smaller pipe is slipped through the sewer pipe and a resin will hold the new smaller pipe in place. The sag will no longer affect your sewer drainage and you do not have to deal with any landscaping damage or repairs afterwards.

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If you have a sagging sewer line or need other sewer repairs, contact Equal Rooter Pipe Lining. We provide trenchless sewer pipe lining repairs.

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