Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Fort Lauderdale, FL; How Sewers & Pipe Relining Works & More

Having sewer problems is nothing any homeowner wants to experience. A damaged sewer pipe requires immediate attention since it often involves broken or clogged pipes that can lead to backups, floods, and other costly consequences. With less mess and faster service, trenchless sewer replacement is what you want to consider. Today, we at Equal Rooter Pipe Lining would like to discuss trenchless sewer replacements.

How Do Sewers Work?

Before considering a replacement, it is ideal to have a basic concept of how sewer lines work. There will be a large pipe that runs from the street to your home when you are connected to your city’s sewer system. Being your responsibility, this pipe is your main sewer line, and it is up to you to remedy any break, clog, or any other issue.

Do You have to Excavate a Sewer Line to Repair or Replace It?

Traditionally, you need to dig out the pipe to replace a broken or damaged sewer pipe. Following the path of the sewer pipe from your home to the street, digging a long trench that’s a couple feet wide and several feet deep is involved. Digging such a trench is labor-intensive work and only proves challenging when there are obstacles in the way.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Without the extra labor and potential damage that comes with traditional, trench-digging replacement, trenchless sewer replacement aims to replace sewer pipes. Pipe bursting and pipe lining are the two primary methods of trenchless sewer replacement. A local sewer service first digs out access holes at the street and where the sewer line enters your home with both methods. A missile-like device is inserted into one end of the sewer line is involved in the pipe bursting method. It breaks up your old pipe as it progresses as it slowly moves forward. A new, flexible sewer line that instantly occupies the space the old line once took is attached to the back of the device. Your old pipe isn’t destroyed or removed with pipe lining, and it is sometimes referred to as trenchless sewer repair. A crew inserts an epoxy-coated sleeve into your existing sewer drain instead. It actually creates a new pipe within the old one when the sleeve is then inflated and allowed to cure.

Why Pipe Relining is Well Worth It

– Property Damage is Lessened.
– Potential Reduced Repair Costs.
– Job is Completed Quicker.
– Minimize the Disruption.
– Results are Longer-Lasting.

Trained Technicians are Required for Trenchless Pipeline

You should only hire trained technicians to tackle trenchless pipe lining or replacement first and foremost, such as Equal Rooter Pipe Lining. Not any plumber can do this project. To ensure they can evaluate whether trenchless technology is suitable for a project and then properly execute the job, qualified technicians undergo training and certification. It is not always an appropriate choice, though trenchless sewer replacement sounds amazing. You may not be able to take advantage of the convenience of trenchless technology if there is a collapsed pipe, an incorrectly installed pipe, or a pipe that’s burst and caused damage to surrounding utilities are involved.

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When you need a sewer line replacement, call Equal Rooter Pipe Lining and let our experts evaluate your circumstances and see if a trenchless sewer replacement is right for you.

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