How to Tell if Sewer Pipe is Leaking in Your Miramar, FL Yard; Slow or Clogged Drains, Smell of Gas & More

When your sewer pipe line breaks you will need to have it repaired quickly to prevent a major mess in your home or your yard. Knowing when to have your sewer pipe repaired can save you a great deal of trouble. With modern advances, there is a trenchless sewer pipe lining repair method that can effectively repair your sewer pipe. This more modern repair method can repair your sewer pipe without the need for major excavation or digging out the entire pipe line. A small access hole will be dug out and the sewer pipe is then repaired with minimal disturbances to your home or yard. However, you will need to know when the sewer line needs to be repaired first. Equal Rooter Pipe Lining would like to share some of the common signs that your sewer line needs to be repaired.

Smell of Sewer Gas in House

Everyone knows the scent of a sewer when they smell it. That sewer odor is what is known as sewer gas. You may notice the smell of sewer gas when you are walking past a sewer catch basis or sewer main cap. However, if your home or yard suddenly begins to smell like a sewer, this is often a sign that your sewer line has broken and has begun to release the sewer gases. If your yard or home’s drain is producing the smell of a sewer, have your sewer line inspected for a break right away. Often camera or video inspections are used to thoroughly inspect the drainage and sewer pipe lines.

Fast Growing Vegetation & Soggy Ground

When the sewer line breaks, it will release all of the water waste that comes from your home. When it comes to your plants, they will find your water waste rather nutritious. Therefore you may notice certain areas of your lawn or landscaping with vegetation that begins to grow at a faster rate. You may have thicker dark green patches of grass, or your trees and shrubs will have some major growth. This is due to the extra water and nutrition in the sewer. However, a bigger break in the sewer line may release a lot of water waste resulting in soggy patches of ground and soil.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Depending on how the sewer pipe is broken, it can develop a sag or even collapse. When the sewer line develops a problem, sometimes the sewer line will be clogged or fully blocked. You will notice your drains will be slow to remove the water. When an appliance, like the dishwasher, is running, water may come up and out of the shower or bathtub drain. Worst case, you may even have water backing up into your home. If your drains are backing up or draining slowly, your sewer line may need repair.

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These are but a few common signs that can point to a broken sewer line. Some other signs to watch for are increased pest activity, cracked foundation, or the development of mold or mildew. If you need your sewer line inspected and repaired, contact Equal Rooter Pipe Lining today.

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